‘Flying Fish’

Originally published in Alaska Magazine Like any good pilot, Doug Glenn cares about the safety of his passengers, especially now as he prepares to take off from a stretch of the Richardson Highway. It’s late May, and the road is clogged with tourists in RVs and dip-netters headed for the Copper River. A makeshift flagging … Read more

Dust Control

Aerial Dust Control

Aerial Dust Control Glenn Air is excited to provide the application of aerial dust control through a partnership with National Land Management. We are proud to be using the 100% natural green controller and stabilizer Pine Bind™. This revolutionary eco-friendly innovation utilizes pine resin and pitch to more effectively control dust. What is Aerial Dust … Read more

Fish Stocking

Fish Stocking In Alaska – Glenn Air Inc.

Fish Stocking Services Glenn Air offers aerial and ground delivery of live fish for the purpose of fish stocking. We are proud to have transported over 425 million fish to assigned lakes via private aquaculture associations and Alaska State Fish and Game. Glenn Air isn’t just able to assist our fisheries in stocking our lakes … Read more

Aerial Application

Aerial Application Services

Aerial Application Services Glenn Air applies seed and dry or liquid fertilizer utilizing a Dromader M-18A, with a load capacity of 12,000 lbs and 680 gallons, at a cruising speed of 140 knots for effective applications. Using the Dromader allows Glenn Air to effectively provide responsive, cost effective and safe aerial application services from our … Read more