Fish Stocking

Fish Stocking Services

Glenn Air offers aerial and ground delivery of live fish for the purpose of fish stocking. We are proud to have transported over 425 million fish to assigned lakes via private aquaculture associations and Alaska State Fish and Game.

Glenn Air isn’t just able to assist our fisheries in stocking our lakes and rivers. We also have the capability to spray liquid fertilizer for plankton growth to aid in salmon production.

What Is Fish Stocking?

Stocking fish is a strategic practice employed in fisheries management to enhance aquatic ecosystems, support recreational fishing activities, and conserve endangered species. This process involves introducing fish species into water bodies such as lakes, rivers, and ponds for various purposes.

One primary objective is to supplement natural fish populations, particularly in bodies of water where populations have declined due to factors such as overfishing, habitat degradation, or environmental changes. By introducing fish species into these habitats, fisheries managers aim to restore balance and diversity, thereby promoting healthy aquatic ecosystems.

Furthermore, stocking plays a crucial role in supporting recreational fishing industries by providing opportunities for anglers to catch fish for sport or sustenance. By carefully selecting species that are popular among anglers and ensuring appropriate stocking densities, fisheries managers can create thriving fisheries that attract fishing enthusiasts and contribute to local economies.

Additionally, stocking can aid in the conservation of endangered or threatened species by establishing new populations in suitable habitats or supplementing existing populations to increase their resilience to environmental threats.

Overall, fish stocking is a valuable tool in fisheries management, serving multiple purposes such as ecosystem restoration, recreational enhancement, and species conservation, ultimately contributing to the sustainable management of aquatic resources.

Glenn Air is proud to be a part of maintaining fisheries in Alaska!


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