Dust Control

Aerial Dust Control

Glenn Air is excited to provide the application of aerial dust control through a partnership with National Land Management. We are proud to be using the 100% natural green controller and stabilizer Pine Bind™. This revolutionary eco-friendly innovation utilizes pine resin and pitch to more effectively control dust.

What is Aerial Dust Control?

Aerial dust control is a method mitigates the dispersal of dust particles into the air. This is typically done in industrial, agricultural, or construction settings. This technique involves the application of specialized dust suppressants or stabilizers from aircraft for the purpose of controlling airborne dust and particulate matter.

The primary purpose is to improve air quality as well as reduce environmental pollution by limiting the spread of dust particles. The particles can pose health risks to workers, nearby residents, and ecosystems. Applying dust suppressants from the air allows for more efficient treatment of large areas. Even in remote or inaccessible locations where ground-based methods may be challenging or impractical.

Furthermore, controlling dust helps to maintain safe working conditions by minimizing dust-related hazards such as reduced visibility, respiratory issues, and equipment malfunction. This is particularly important in industries such as mining, construction, and agriculture, where dust can impact worker health and safety.

Additionally, this method stabilizes loose soils and prevents them from being carried away by wind or water erosion. This is vital in preserving soil fertility, protecting natural habitats, and preventing sedimentation in water bodies.

Another benefit is its versatility and efficiency. Using aircraft equipped with specialized spraying equipment enables rapid and effective treatment of large areas. This reduces downtime and operational costs for industries reliant on dust suppression measures.

Overall, aerial dust control is a proactive solution in managing dust emissions and promoting environmental stewardship. This ensures safer and healthier for work environments, surrounding communities and ecosystems.

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